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Creating the context and platform for meaningful conversations

As accredited facilitator I can facilitate your event, meeting or offsite so you can participate and get the best out of your session and team.  Through thoughtful facilitation, ensuring the right mix of divergent, emergent and convergent activities in a brainstorm or ideation phase a team can get to better outcomes.  Creating inclusive and engaging team dynamics is at the core of this work.


Identify what is really happening.
Develop a shared vision.
Catalyse action towards the vision.

Together with Voltage Control, Beyonders is the perfect partner to catalyse change for your organisation or project.  We make the wider system dynamics visible to you and your team so you have a better understanding of what is really happening and which forces are keeping the current dynamics at play.  By learning how to have a constructive and generative dialogue we inquire with stakeholders to paint the picture more colourful.  This allows for taking the next step in a safe way and create a shared vision that goes beyond win-lose dynamics.  When the shared vision is defined we help identi the actions to be taken to move towards the desired and shared vision.


Develop authentic leadership 
Create clarity in priorities 
Support decision making

Every athlete understands they need a coach to train and prepare to be the best they can be on game day.  To be the best leader you can be in business, I believe you need the same support.  I offer bespoke support for any leader that wants to further understand and develop their leadership style; create clarity in priorities and decision making to develop strategies for effectively driving change with your teams and customers.

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